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Communication, Interaction, Process = the keys
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Optimized Results; You Know You Want It

The premise is simple: virtually every aspect of our lives at work or home is either helped or hindered by communication.

Optimized Results provides coaching, consulting, seminars, and workshops to improve communication, leadership, team building, customer service, sales, client relationships, interpersonal skills, and getting the most from workplace diversity.

The quality of communication depends on listening as much as presentation.  The fastest and most powerful thing you can do right now to improve your communication is to enhance your listening skills. 

I've developed a system for you, where you can listen for specific cues, and be prepared with appropriate adjustments based upon those cues.

Master salespeople often know some of these cues and adjustments through experience or raw talent, but what if you don’t have years to figure them out for yourself?  Simple: contact me!


Beyond Techniques - A Core Solution

We all have a lens through which we take in and sort information.  We also have a focus of attention which may or may not be conscious.

Communication is colored by this lens.  The words, images, and metaphors we choose are all driven by this - even though it's usually unconscious.  Communicating without taking this into account is like speaking different languages and hoping our message gets across. 

Understanding how these lenses affect our communication, and using that information is like using a master decoder.  This can help individuals, couples, teams and organizations achieve freer, more effective communication.

To understand these lenses, we work with the intersection of the Enneagram,* Cognitive Linguistics, Hermeneutics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Integral Theory, and Spiral Dynamics; a unique new system called the Integram; a truly Integral Enneagram.

You can phenomenally enhance your communication.  When misunderstandings and conflict are replaced by clarity and a practical understanding of the value of different perspectives, the amount of time, money, and energy saved is astounding.

Whether you want to work on becoming the best you, through increasing your awareness of  unconscious patterns and motivations that undermine your goals, or removing the roadblocks from your  communication with others, we can help you Optimize your Results.

 Picture your life: interacting and communicating more effectively, with far less conflict.  Picture yourself in the driver's seat of your own life.  You really can have it now! 

Business Profitability is totally within your grasp; one rule:

Increase Profit-to-Expense. You just need a plan to do it.  We can implement one quickly, easily, and effectively.

Our Resource Alignment Focusing Tool identifies exactly where to put your efforts for maximum returns, and where your resources are being drained away.

Call or write for details.

* The Enneagram is a remarkably accurate system of understanding the lenses through which we experience our lives.  Stanford, Harvard, the Wharton School of Business, and countless practitioners around the world are teaching and using this system in many ways.  The applications are infinite.



Turn stress and overwhelm into clarity and confidence

Let's get started!

You have unique strengths to achieve your goals, within your own style of working, learning, and communicating. Curious about what that is?

It starts with your "Lens of Perception." This is your internal Operating System, so any "program" you want to run has to be written specifically for your Operating System, or it just won't work.

It's about a Core Solution.



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Workshops and Seminars:

Together we can enhance the quality of communication and relationship between:

  • Staff and Clients

  • Management and Staff

  • Peer-to-Peer

  • Team Members

  • Couples

When everyone understands each other's styles - interaction and communication are more than effective; they transform relationships and organizations.



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