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…I thought it was going to be another one of those touchy-feely, no result processes. To my great surprise I left with practical communication tools, and I'm using them already.  I would recommend this process to anyone who needs to communicate better with the many different people in their lives - both work and personal…"

--Keith M., IBM, San Francisco, CA





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Q:  Why do you choose to use the Enneagram rather than Meyers-Briggs or DISC for personality assessments?

A:  The short answer is philosophy.  My priority is sustainable success in relationships and communication.  This requires a different approach.  The simplest differentiation is that the Enneagram offers to answer a different question than the other assessment technologies.


They all tend to be able to predict behavior, or “what you do.” The Enneagram answers a different question: “why would you do that?” There are many people who simply want to be able to use predictive behavior models for management. It’s much simpler to have a fixed set of variables in a fixed set of “types” working for me. The double-edged sword of that method, is that in behavior-predicting management, no relationship is involved. Relationship is frightening, chaotic, and filled with surprises. So if that is a problem, companies opt to avoid relationships, and manage by applied behavior.


There is an upside to actual relationships that cannot be denied. Sustainability for an organization requires low turnover, and benefits beyond the pay check directly impact that turnover. One of the benefits that people are drawn to is a sense of being seen, heard, and belonging. That would be another way of defining relationship.


Knowing that you are a “Driver” only gives me the tools to “handle” your behavior. No progress on either of our parts takes place. What if I can understand that the reason you are a Driver in this instance, is that you are very concerned that someone will drop the ball? I can address your issue, rather than “deal with you being a Driver.” You can now relax and stop being a Driver. Oh my, you are actually not a Driver, but this circumstance had you behaving in a driving manner. Knowing who you actually are would tell me this in advance, and we could skip right to addressing the issue you are concerned about.



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