"Like a Personal Trainer For Your Mind."



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Business Consulting

The level of depth and time you can commit to Optimizing your business can vary, so I offer different packages to meet your needs.


From my G.P.S.© (Great Profit System) that will increase your profitability the first week of implementation, to sophisticated Continuous Improvement Organizational Reengineering; I've got a program to take your business to the top of its game.

Profitability Programs


Executive Coaching

Tailored paths for individuals and teams, designed for how you work and the specific issues that block your way.  Connect more deeply with yourself and others so you can:

get unstuck & organized

motivate yourself & others

be heard

achieve your potential


And you can STOP:

repeating mistakes

being overwhelmed

being misunderstood

Coaching Packages


Workshops &


Interactive and fun.

You get the "Magic Decoder Ring," giving you  understanding and instantly usable strategies.


Seminar topics can be tailored for your organization's needs, from a one-hour talk

to a half or one-day workshop.

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Institute for Integral Enneagram Studies


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Enneagram Assessment





What makes me different?  What's the secret?

To oversimplify a bit, there are three causes to virtually all the difficulties people face in their business and all their interactions: Assumptions, Projections, and Avoidance.


The conflict and misunderstandings that arise in all relationships (both business and personal) have a common root: Communication, (even if it's the voice in your head - self-talk). 
We can open the door to understanding and being consciously in charge, rather than plowing ahead, hoping for the best and being frustrated.  Want to see how?




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