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Q:  I can't tell if I'm a Two or a Nine on the Enneagram.  They both seem to describe me.  How can I tell them apart?

A:  They are often called look-alike types because they do have so much in common.  One big difference is in stress.  If, when pushed into a stressful state you become more anxiety-ridden, filled with questions and doubt, you're more likely a Nine.  If you get angry, or feel the need to take charge and will your way through the stress, you're more likely a Two.

Nine is more likely to organize or sort things by information, then people.  Two is more likely to organize or sort by people, then information.

An extremely important difference is in the subtle shift between merging and sub-merging.  Twos merge with others to connect, empathically sensing their needs and altering who they are to meet those needs.  Nines submerge to blend in and make things comfortable without altering who they are.

Twos tend to see things through a more urgent lens, and want to do what they want to do in the moment.  They tend to move through feelings more quickly, make decisions quickly and don’t like to plan.  Nines tend to see a more long-term, global picture, and will get around to things when they get around to them.  Nines move through feelings slowly, make decisions slowly, if at all, and they like to plan.



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