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Valentine's Day Special
Couples Sessions 1/2 off!

Couples, Partners, or Duos of any kind!


Using a completely "non-gooey," communication-centric approach
we will map the minefields and illuminate the most nourishing path for your relationship.


Each 90 minute session includes:

  • Integram™ Assessments for each of you

  • Where you're on the same page (sometimes without knowing it)

  • Where the forks in the road are (subtle shifts that confuse and frustrate)

  • The Danger Zones (the minefields of "triggers.")

  • The High Side (an action plan for how you can best support one another, and the relationship)

  • Communication Tips (a "decryption cipher" for each of you)

After just one session my partner and I were able to move through conflict in a non-blaming and curious way, eager to explore how our innate differences worked in our relationship. As a psychotherapist, I would recommend this process to the couples I see for relationship therapy!" - Shari Levine, LMFT

Regularly, $360.00 Valentine's Special half-off: only $180.00

"Thanks so much for the Couples Session. It just nailed us to a tee, and we're doing great now! Understanding each others' different approach makes a huge difference."   --D.B., San Francisco, CA


"The ride home from our session may have been the first time in years where we had a fun, exciting conversation in the car, instead of getting caught up in complaints or bickering.  Instant success!"     --M.F., San Francisco, CA


We have been together for 22 years and have always had a great relationship and a good sex life. But the self knowledge, inner confidence and deeper understanding of each other has created a quantum leap in our levels of sexual satisfaction and experimentation. Woohoo to self discovery!” --J.N. and BC., San Francisco, CA


There's no reason to not enhance your connection and communication.

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