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"Ian Blei shares his deep insights in simple and straightforward ways.  His work continues to inspire me whenever I feel I'm getting stuck in some area of my life."

-Roy King, III, Director- Sustainable Investment Services, Pacific /Development Partners








"...Ian truly helps identify, focus, and align your resources for Optimized Results!"

--Romanus Wolter, Principal - the KickStart Guy, and author of "Kick Start Your Dream Business"






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Now that you've assessed Your Enneagram Type, what do you do with that information, and how does it serve you?


First, you now know your own internal "operating system," in effect, what really makes you tick. Rather than wondering why you're drawn to certain things or why others drive you crazy, you can see that you're not alone, and that you share deep, fundamental issues with a significant portion of the population.


Likewise, you now see that there are eight chances in nine that the people you're in relationship with, in conversation with, etc. are so incredibly different than you in their worldviews and perspectives, that you couldn't possibly assume to know why they're saying or doing what they are. This means that you're going to  replace assumptions and projections with questions, if you really want to connect.


Understanding the underlying motivations in yourself and others creates a level of compassion you may never have experienced, which in turn will deepen and enrich every relationship in your life; including the relationship you have with yourself.


And finally, knowing your Enneagram Type allows Optimized Results to work with you in an extremely tailored, customized fashion, that will be incredibly effective and fast. No time will be wasted on things that aren't relevant to you, or trying to work through content, as we'll be able to focus on why those issues arise, and how you can best approach and deal with them in your own natural way.


Every Type has a different path to solving those problems we mentioned on the Services page, so you won't be frustrated by a "one size fits all" coaching or training method. 


What works for a One will not work for a Five, and this is why programs you've tried in the past have failed. It wasn't your fault.  Somebody was trying to get you to wear the wrong size shoes. Optimized Results works with you, in a customized and tailored way that will fit you like a glove.


Your call to action? The simplest thing to do is just call or email me right now to talk about how we can help you achieve the success you deserve, the success that's been waiting for you.




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